Black Isle Fire Systems Trophy - Open Triples

Saturday 20 July 2019

The Black Isle Fire Systems Trophy is an Open Triples event played as a Round Robin. 

There are Two Sections each of FIVE Teams.

The winner of each section qualify for the Final.


The Black Isle Fire Systems Trophy is scheduled to be played on Saturday 20 July 2019 commencing at 9am.  Table 1 shows the Teams and Table 2 shows the times and draw.
Team Lead Second Skip
A Kevin MacWilliams J Graham Jim Grant
B R Douglas R Benardi Tom MacKenna
C R MacDonald G MacDougall Davy Gray
D B Christie J Horne A Baxter
E D Masson A McKenzie R Ansell
M A Bowman D Fraser Angus Shearer
N S T Mitchell C Kirkpatrick Frank Kirkpatrick
O M Lobban R Tough Elsie Tough
P Anne Haynes Les Smith Catriona Purl
R June Hall Jim McAdam Eunice McAdam


Table 2 - shows the Timeings and Rinks of play.  The initial rounds shall be played perpindicular to the Clubhouse.  The semi Finals and Final shall be played parallel to the Clubhouse.
Time Rink 1 Rink 2 Rink 3 Rink 4 Rink 5 Rink 6 Umpire
09.00   B v E   N v P C v D M v R  
10.15 Tea or Coffee; Bacon roll
10.30 B v C O v P     N v R A v D  
11.45 M v P   B v D   A v E N v O  
13.00 Lunch;
13.30   A v C P v R D v E M v O    
14.45 O v R   M v N A v B   C v E  
16.00 Afternoon Tea
16.15 Final  - Rink 1
17.00 Presentation of Prizes
Winners D Masson A McKenzie R Ansell
Runners Up S T Mitchell  C Kirkpatrick F Kirkpatrick


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