Annual General Meeting

The 2020 Annual General Meeting will be held in the Clubhouse, MacEwen Drive, Inverness on Wednesday 11 November 2020 7pm for 7:30pm

Draft Agenda

01. President’s Opening Remarks
02. Apologies for absence
03. Minutes of the A.G.M held on Wednesday 13 November 2019
04. Matters arising, other than agenda items, out of the minutes
05. Reports
      a.  President’s
      b.  Secretary’s
      c.  Treasurer, adoption of financial report; Auditors remarks
      d.  Match Secretary
06. Correspondence; Relevant to AGM
07. Amendments to the Constitution : if any, will be published on Club noticeboard.
08. Annual Subscriptions
      a.  Ordinary Member
      b.  Senior Member
      c.  Locker fees
      d. Domestic Club Competitions
      e. Spoon
           i.   Afternoon
           ii.  Evening
           iii. Ladies Afternoon
      f. Short Carpet
09. Any Other Business ariising from the current season where applicible
10.  Election of Office Bearers
       a. President
       b. Vice-president
       c. Treasurer
       d. Secretary
       e. Match/Fixtures Secretary
       f.  Seven other Members, excluding Juniors, who shall form the Committee
       g.  Child Protedtion, Health and Safety, Data Protection, First Aider
11. Appointment of Members to review accounts
12. Any other competent business
13. Date, Time and venue of the next A.G.M; -
14. Vote of Thanks


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