Club Balloted Triples

Tuesday 17 to Friday 20 August 2018

15 Ends 1 Shot First End

Greys and Whites or Club colours

Self coloured trousers or bowling skirt


Players select their playing order.
Teams MUST play in the chosen order throughout the event

Team 01 C Kirkpatrick D Cumming I Duff  
Team 02 A D McDonald S T Mitchell J Sutherland  
Team 03 J MacLean M McLaughlin B Willcocks  
Team 04 T MacKenna J Andrews R Ferguson  
Team 05 M Holmes H Duff G MacDougall  
Team 06 A Bowman T MacLeod M MacLean  
Team 07        
Team 08        
Team 09        
Team 10        
A name from the table above has been selected to represent the Team in the draw below
  Tuesday Thursday Friday Winners
Time 7pm Time 7pm Time 7pm Time 7pm  
vs C Kirkpatrick      
  vs C Kirkpatrick    
vs A D MacDonald      
    vs C Kirkpatrick  
vs J MacLean      
  vs T MacKenna    
vs T MacKenna      
      vs C Kirkpatrick
  vs M Holmes    
    vs A Bowman  
  vs A Bowman    


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