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2016/17 Management Committee

Management Committee (2017) Sub Committee Members
Position Name  S  TC  G  C  M P & P  L  S & E S O SC  S SC
President A D MacDonald C C C     C   C     C
Vice President Sheila Noble 1     1 1     1      
Treasurer John Beaton   1   C C     1 1 1  
Secretary Marie MacLean 1 1   1       1 C C  
Match Secretary A D MacDonald                      
Assistant Match Secretary Sandy Boyd 1 1 1           1    
Committee Gordon Anderson 1   1   1 1     1    
Committee Rose Beaudoin       1   1   1      
Committee Hugh Goodall         1       1    
Committee Donalda MacKenzie 1     1         1 1  
Committee Jack Marshall   1     1       1 1  
Committee David Nairn                   1 1
Health & Safety G Anderson                      
Child Protection M MacLean                      
The following members have been co-opted to the sub committee/s as shown
Bar Convenor John Florence               1      
  Jean Andrews       1              
  Andy Bellany     1                
  David Gray     1                
  Jock MacLean                     1
  S T Mitchell         1            
  R Summerfield         1       1    
  N Urquhart       1              

Sub Committee Codes
S Selection (Out Door)   H & S Health & Safety
T C Ties & Competitions   S & E Social & Entertainment



Spoon (Outdoor)

SpoonShort Carpet

  S SC Selection Short Carpet
G Green   P & P Policies & Procedures
C Catering   M Maitenance

Club Representatives
Bowls Scotland A D MacDonald   S Y B A  
M MarLean    
N C B A A D MacDonald   N C L B A D MacKenzie
J Beaton   R Beaudoin
I B A A D MacDonald   I & D S C M MacLean
S Boyd   S Noble
I & D S B L A D MacDonald   I & D S C B L A D MacDonald
    D Nairn

Club Representative Codes
N C B A Northern Counties Bowling Association
N C L B A Northern Counties Ladies Bowling Association
I B A Inverness Bowling Association
I & D S C Inverness & District Sports Council
I & D S B L Inverness & District Senior Bowling League
I & D S C B L Inverness & District Short Carpet Bowling League