Ness Motors Trophy

Saturday 21  September 2019

15 Ends, scoring one shot first end each Round


Fraser Park  09:00 Fraser Park  11:00 Fraser Park 1.30pm Fraser Park 3.30pm Fraser Park 5.45pm Winners
E McAdam          
vs A Stewart        
A Stewart          
  vs A Stewart      
L Smith          
vs L Smith   A Munro    
G MacDougall          
    vs and    
A Christie          
vs A Christie   A Stewart    
M Holmes          
  vs A Christie      
M MacAskill          
I Duff          
      vs A Stewart  
B Jessiman          
vs B Jessiman        
R Benardi          
  vs B Jessiman      
  T MacKenna   D Masson    
    vs and    
  D Masson   R Williamson    
  vs D Masson      
  J Macharry        
          A MacKenzie
Waterloo 10.15     vs and
          R Ansell
  K MacKay        
  vs A MacKenzie      
  A MacKenzie   A MacKenzie    
    vs and    
  J MacLean   R Ansell    
  vs J MacLean      
  B MacKillop        
      vs A MacKenzie  
  A Shearer        
  F Kirkpatrick   B Ferness    
    vs and    
  J Levey   J Levey    
  vs J Levey      
  S T Mitchell        


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