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Anniversary Trophy 2018

The first games to commence at 09.00am

Competition shall be played in three sections as a league

The winner of each league will qualify for the final

The highest up second place will take the fourth semi final place

  Sponsored by: In Aid of


The event will be played over 7 Ends, one shot first end each round

Should the jack leave the rink, the jack will be replaced on the centre spot.

Section 1 Team Lead Second Skip
                         A R MacDonald Davy Gray G MacDougall
                         B B MacKenna A D MacDonald T MacKenna
                         C T MacLeod M MacLean J MacLean
                         D J Sutherland S T Mitchell M MacRae
Section 2 Team      
                         J     Alan Baxter
                         K     A Pickthall
                         L     G MacPherson
                        M     Nancy Forbes
Section 3 Team      
                       R     E McAdam
                       S     D Christie
                       T     B Christie
                       U     E Henderson


Winners June Hall Jim McAdam Eunice McAdam Planefield
R/up Betty MacKenna A D MacDonald Tom MacKenna Fraser Park



Time Rink 1 Rink 2 Rink 3 Rink 4 Rink 5 Rink 6
09.00   C vs D R vs S J vs K A vs B T vs U
10.00 Tea / Coffee break
10.15 A vs C   B vs D L vs M    
11.15 J vs M K vs L   S vs T R vs U  
12.15 Lunch
13.00 R vs T U vs S J vs L B vs C K vs M A vs D
  Turn Green Round
14.15 Semi Final winner "A" vs Winner "B"   r/up "A" vs Winner C    
  Tea /Coffee break
15.30 Final T MacKenna vs E McAdam    
  Winners E McAdam, J McAdam and June Hall        
16.30 Prize Giving          


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