Anniversary Trophy 2019

All Games Commence at 10.00am

Competition shall be played in two sections as a league

The winner of each league will qualify for the final



The event will be played over 8 Ends, one shot first end each round

Weather permitting, there will be a semi final and final

Winner of Section "1" plays R/up Section "2"

Winner of Section "2" plays R/up Section "1"

Section 1 Teams Lead Second Skip
                         A     J MacKay
                         B     R Bernardi
                         C     D Christie
                         D     G MacDougall
Section 2 Teams      
                         G     S T Mitchell
                         H     E McAdam
                         J     T MacKenna
                        K     F Graham





Time Rink 1 Rink 2 Rink 3 Rink 4 Rink 5 Rink 6
10.00 J vs K C vs D     G vs H A vs B
11.00 A vs C G vs K B vs D H vs J    
12.00     G vs J A vs D B vs C H vs K
1PM Lunch
14.00 Semi Final, Rinks 2 & 4     F Graham vs R Benardi
    E McAdam vs G MacDougall    
  Tea /Coffee break
15.00 Final, Rink 1 R Benardi vs G MacDougall    
  Winners B Christie R Douglas R Benardi    
  R / Up G MacDougall R MacDonald D Gray    
16.15 Prize Giving          


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